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My interest in photography begun while travelling in the Pamiri mountains of Tajikistan. Then it turned progressively into a passion and I went on to obtain a diploma of professional photography in 2012. Nature and travels; wide open spaces and breath taking scenery are a passion of mine and I would like my photographs to capture and reproduce the mood of sceneries and instants. My other gallery is oriented towards countries illustration and is close to a travel story through pictures. Since early 2015, I have been shooting with Florent, sharing both ideas, technique and even gears so that it is sometimes difficult to determine who is the author.

I have discovered photography thanks to Audrey. She taught me the fundamentals, then I immersed myself into technical books that I loved. Armed with a reflex and a tripod, I like traveling through cities and countrysides to capture unchanging landscapes or ephemeral life scene. Against the world's complexity, I like photography for the infinite number of solutions it offers.

Main Travels

2015 - Japan

A short stay in the Japanese archipelago between Kyoto, Fuji-san and Noto peninsula. This part of Honshu island is so visited by tourists and Japaneses during the Hanami that camera shots are often constrained by frequentation, even from the dawn.

2014 - New-Zealand

From the spectacular sceneries of the Southern island to the volcanos of the Northern island, New-Zealand offers a large diversity of wilderness and photographic opportunities.

2012 - Mongolia

Through the Mongolian steppes, in the UAZ 452 tireless van.

2011 - Ethiopia

A country of great cultural richness, from North to South, and a surprising variety of landscapes.

2011 - Bolivia

Hiking in the regions of Tupiza and Tarija, in the Cordillera of Apolobamba and crossing of South Lipez.

2010 - Canada

Breathtaking sceneries from western Canadian parks: Banff, Jasper and Mount Robson.

2009 - Pamir, Tajikistan

A fortnight horseback ride through high altitude plateaus. It was also an opportunity to meet the shepherds in their summer yurts and to experience their invaluable hospitality despite the language barrier. Surely the trip of a lifetime.




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Le paysage selon vous, 2nd place 2010